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Forsiden = Front page
Nyheter = News
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Bryllupskj°ring = Weddingtransport
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Klubbvedtekter = Rules for the club
Klubblokalet = Club pictures
Klubbjakke = Club jacket
Kontakt = Contact leadership
Rabattavtaler = Places for members to shop
Repotasjer = Clip from newspapers or books
Restaurering = Members who are restoring their car and adresses where to get help during restoration
Treff = Meetings and carshows
Ungdomsarbeid = Youth joined the club learning about cars
Utleie kafŔ = Rent our clubbuilding

We (Amcar Ask°y) are a club with over 100 members for people with interest in American cars. We are located on the westcoast of Norway, Europe, close to the famous city of Bergen and all the fjords . Over 5 million people lives in Norway. See pictures here.

We are connected to the main American Car Club of Norway (AMCAR), which was founded in 1975 as an organizing body for car clubs and individuals with an interest in American cars and trucks. As of today, AMCAR has grown from 2011 (60 clubs and 15.000 members) to in 2021 include more than 150 clubs (including us) and in excess of 25.000 members nationwide. AMCAR are situated in Trondheim, where a professional staff of eight assist our members in all matters concerning American cars and all other enthusiast automobiles. They are fighting against the government to the right to persue the car hobby and to get the import tax down to a lower level, because the tax raise to skyhigh level once you import a car with bigger engine then 2,0 litre and 150 hp.

Fuel in Norway is close to $9 a gallon (kr.20,- each litre and 1 dollar is kr.8,50) and the tax on a new Corvette C8 is close to $65.000! Still, American Cars are very popular in Norway, and holds approximately a 7% market share, trucks included ( Thanks to lower truck import tax ). Cars more than 20 years old can be imported at very low cost - a great benefit to the hobby. Every summer literally hundreds of car shows, races and exhibitions are organized by local clubs.
If you want to join us, fill in digital form here og use this form and send to contactmail or contactphone shown here.
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Driving directions from the famous "Bryggen" in Bergen.
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